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The sole mission is to support your business objectives with professional care and confidentiality that creates a trusting relationship.As a CPA & MBA, and with business experience beyond the accounting books, your best interest is clearly understood and aligned with your goals and objectives in providing the services that match needs.
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Are You Ready to Be a Cannabis CEO?

For those cannabis-touching businesses who have taken the courage in changing and shaping society, we hope our insights, experiences and stories about cannabis finance may be useful in helping you continue to grow into a successful and legal business.

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IRC 471-11 and 471-3

This is the key section of the IRS code that has to be applied long before 280E occurs.They are hand-in-hand, but without IRC (Internal Revenue Code) 471-11 or 471-3, for a cultivator or dispensary, respectively, 280E may end up with more taxes than if 471 was not applied, ornot applied correctly.

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Management Companies & Multiple Legal Entities

If you have many dispensaries or cultivation sites, there is value in setting up a parent or holding company and having those separate businesses and locations in their respective legal entities and having a management company has legal and tax merit.

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When It Is Often Too Late!

The onerous taxes officially known as the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 280E adds another layer of challenge to creating a successful cannabis business.When 280E is clearly understood, many realize the delusions of this supposed get-rich industry called cannabis. They quickly realize they were not being realistic.

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