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The sole mission is to support your business objectives with professional care and confidentiality that creates a trusting relationship.As a CPA & MBA, and with business experience beyond the accounting books, your best interest is clearly understood and aligned with your goals and objectives in providing the services that match needs.
Steven Berley, CPA & Founder
Steven Berley, CPA & Founder.
Steven Berley is a licensed CPA and MBA with over 20 years of accounting and finance experience in major corporations to cannabis companies worldwide. Steven has published books, via Amazon, on commodity risk management and financial risk management systems (type ‘Steven Berley’ in Amazon) and has authored audit articles in IIA .In his rare spare time, Steven can be found in the backcountry of Oregon, Colorado and California.
Brian Whalen, Master Degree in Taxation

Brian is not your typical CFO. He has no problem serving Cannabis Entrepreneurs; it’s his calling. Corporate America’s competitive advantage lies within their finance and accounting functions. Green Bean CFO was founded to level the playing field for established cannabis businesses and newcomers alike by providing an affordable finance/accounting department. We help you navigate the corporate landscape, survive IRS audits, maintain compliance with state regulators and absolutely minimize the taxes that cannabis touching businesses pay under the punitive §280E tax law. We help you grow your profits!

Amber Feary


Cannabis Accounting & Bookkeeping Are you confident your books are IRS, State and GAAP compliant? Are you doing cash or accrual accounting? Optimal Cannabis Tax Setup? Are you a sole proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, C-corp? Which is best for your situation?
Brooke Miller Accountant
Brooke Miller - Accountant
Theresia Thompson Accountant

Khushboo Jain, Accountant

Additional Staff:   Khush and Tom provide many years of accounting and tax experiences………

Steven’s Amazon Kindle Cannabis Accounting & Tax book
For 420 Dimes this is a priceless finance book for the Cannabis CEO. CPA’s, EA and bookkeepers will benefit from the advanced section in the second half of the book. This book was written by The Apothecary CFO, a CPA who is from Colorado and who now lives in Oregon. This is both a basic and advanced accounting and tax guide for cannabis CEO’s.
Brian’s CPA Trendlines article May 2019
“There is only one right way to do cannabis accounting,” he writes. “Doing accrual/cost accounting in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) ensures that you pay as little tax as possible, are always state compliant and IRS audit-ready, and have financial statements ready for securing investors and lenders. In addition, performance metrics can be harnessed from your financials and used to set goals for operations and management.”
Green Bean CFO tackles the common problem of IRS Form 8300