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Top Cannabis CFOs

Expert Tax Advice

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Top Cannabis CFOs

Expert Tax Advice

Help Us, Help You!

the Cannabis Green Rush: What Investors Must Know!

The Green Rush provides tremendous opportunity in the next twenty years. Everyone thinks cannabis is a get-rich scheme and the myths are many. There will be many winners and many losers. What makes this such a unique market is that every state is basically its own country in how the legal market operates. Taxes are the number one issue in cannabis not just at the federal level, but at the state level down to the local level.

Steven’s Amazon Kindle Cannabis Accounting & Tax book
This is a priceless finance book for the Cannabis CEO. CPA’s, EA and bookkeepers will benefit from the advanced section in the second half of the book. This book was written by The Apothecary CFO, a CPA who is from Colorado and who now lives in Oregon. This is both a basic and advanced accounting and tax guide for cannabis CEO’s.


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